Which is the most miserable country in the world?

Zimbabwe has been named the world’s most miserable country.

The Hanke’s Annual Misery Index (HAMI) 2022 is out. The index mainly judges nations based on their economic conditions.

The index was formed after analysing 157 countries.

Zimbabwe is found to be plagued with skyrocketing inflation, which touched 243.8 per cent last year.

Venezuela has the second highest misery index score than any other country on the planet.

Syria is ranked third.

Other top countries on the list include, Lebanon, Sudan, Argentina, Yemen, Ukraine, Cuba, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

Switzerland ranks number 157, making it the least miserable.

Other countries which are the least miserable are Kuwait (156), Ireland (155), Japan (154), Malaysia (153), Taiwan (152), Niger (151), Thailand (150).

India ranked 103 on the list with the contributing factor to the misery being unemployment.

The US ranked 134th on the list, with unemployment as the leading factors of unhappiness.

Finland, which is considered one of the world’s happiest countries, was ranked 109th on the misery index.

Pakistan, which is currently grappling with economic and political crisis, ranked at number 35.

China is ranked 142nd, with unemployment being the most significant contributor.

The Annual Misery Index is compiled by Steve Hanke, professor of Applied Economics at John Hopkins University.

It is the sum of the year-end unemployment, inflation, and bank-lending rates, minus the annual percentage change in real GDP per capita.